This section includes common problems encountered with Flight Office's online interface.


Non-IE Browsers

Problems encountered with the online interface using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

The Flight Office online login control is currently only supported for use with Internet Explorer.


Internet Explorer Security

No prompt to download the online Flight Office components is received when accessing the login page.

The local Internet Explorer security settings are set too high to allow the components to be downloaded.  Enter tools -> internet options -> security and check the current security levels.  A medium-low setting without protected mode enabled may be required for the initial component download, after which the security settings can be raised to their former level.  If problems are still encountered, check the ActiveX permissions and prompt settings under 'Custom level', or add the site to your trusted sites list. 


Redownloading Online Components

Local copy of the online component's ActiveX files have become corrupted, or were damaged on download.

To force Internet Explorer to download the online components again, the old components will need to be deleted.  Go to any webpage other than the Flight Office login page so that the component files are not locked open.  Enter Internet Explorer's 'Manage Add-ons' area under tools -> internet options -> programs.

Select and delete any items beginning from the GenAv Systems Ltd. publisher.  Return to the Flight Office online login page and click 'refresh', and the components will download fresh file versions.


Login Timeout

A timeout or other error is being encountered when attempting to log in through the online interface.

Try logging in to the online scheduling interface using a random 'junk' account.  If an 'Invalid Account and/or Password.' popup is not received, then the login request is being blocked by the local system's security and not reaching the online server.  These security settings will vary depending on system configuration, but generally the problem lies with a firewall blocking FTP access which is used to send the login request.


Regional Settings

The program is crashing when attempting to log in on a system with non-US/Canadian regional settings.

Change your regional settings temporarily to US/Canada standard.  Other settings may have incompatible numeric or date formatting which will cause errors when attempting to interact with the online server.  Details on how to enable multi-language support so that you may quickly switch between different regional settings can be found at


Crashes in 64 bit Windows versions

The ActiveX control downloads but crashes when running on my 64 bit version of Windows.

The 64 bit versions of windows come with two versions of Internet Explorer installed, and the 64 bit IE version does not support 32 bit controls.  See the Microsoft support page at for details on how to check which version you are currently running, and how to start up the correct one.