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TRIM Sched


  • Graphical Scheduling
  • Error Elimination
  • Unparalleled Flexibility


TRiMís intuitive visual interface allows schedulers to create and maintain solid, error free schedules at every step.

Simple methods like drag and drop allow users to assign or change instructors with one mouse move, automatically updating the web, notifying students and instructors, ensuring legalities such as crew rest and qualification and logging all changes in a solid audit trail.


Custom, rule based Crew Rest, Continuous period and Max Duty rules allow easy implementation of any regulatory or labor rules.


Immediate Display of Errors

With TRiM Sched errors will display at the moment they occur. This saves costly mistakes and the time associated with fixing them.



TRiM Web, Shift Trades and Notifications


Improving communications is a continuous process. TRim makes it easier by providing fully automated or managed Shift Trades, schedule change Notifications and mail merge Notifications.



  • Notify Students, Instructors in bulk or individually of upcoming training or changes in training.

  • Connect with external messaging system or use TRiM Web or Email.




Import Activities from Crew Scheduling

  • Import Vacation, Golden days, Pairings
  • View Training, Line and other in same view
  • Instructorís manage their own day off requests via web


Reduce Costs

Lower the costs relating to errors in Sim, Instructor time, Student time, Travel, and Accommodation.


Improve Communication

Auto-notify pilots and instructors of training requirements and changes.  Your entire staff works with the same schedule in real-time.


Easy Setup

Integrate your existing qualification tracking and crew tracking systems.




When you become a TRiM Partner, you join a prestigious team of industry leaders and professionals; FAA, SkyWest, ASA, WestJet, Mesaba, Pinnacle, Sun Country just to name a few.



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