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  • Custom Qualification Tracking

  • Integrated Scheduling

  • Unparalleled Flexibility



Flexible, Real-Time, Rules Based Qualification Tracking allows you to customize your Qualification Rules to Regulatory changes and Company objectives.

TRiM Sched and TRiM Qual provide Real-Time integration ensuring Crew, Instructors, CSA, Maintenance and Staff are fully qualified always.



Tracks any Requirement

TRiM Qual provides the means for you to create Custom Qualification Items to track any kind of Requirement:

  • Documentation,

  • Scheduled Training,

  • Event Recency (e.g. Landings, Landings at KASP)

  • Experience (e.g. Consolidation, OE, High Mins, Night)


Rule Based Qualification Tracking

Powerful rules based qualification tracking engine - create unlimited custom rules to be compliant with regulatory rules, company objectives, or labor rules.

When the regulatory environment changes, you simply change your rules - no need to wait for a patch.


 Highly Flexible Qualifications Items



Age 60 Check

  • No Grace

  • Hard Due Date

  • Every 6 Months





  • TRiM Qual did not need any Vendor modifications when the Age 60 Rules were introduced




  • Auto-notify employees of schedule changes.

  • Entire company works with the same schedule in real-time.





When you become a TRiM Partner, you join a prestigious team of industry leaders and professionals; FAA, SkyWest, ASA, WestJet, Mesaba, Pinnacle, Sun Country just to name a few.


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