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September 2012


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Flight Office and Wi-Flight Set to Implement Data Integration Partnership


Sidney, British Columbia 2012 - In an industry first, Wi-Flight's revolutionary automated Flight Data Monitoring system is being integrated with GenAv Systems customizable Flight Office software suite. Popular with Flight Departments, Flight Training Schools, Colleges and Universities worldwide; Flight Office provides complete Flight Training Management, Scheduling, Dispatch and Aircraft Maintenance Planning software and services, including all access online booking capabilities.

Wi-Flight's completely automated wireless Flight Data Recorders record data from integral sensors including GPS, accelerometers as well as a dual channel Cockpit Voice Recorder. This flight data is automatically uploaded over Wi-Fi at the end of each flight, leading to an automated flight data analysis within minutes of aircraft shutdown.

Flight Office Dispatch Console and Workstation Interface will automatically receive the time of first take-off and last landing from Wi-Flight servers, providing precise Air Time/Virtual Hobbs meter for maintenance purposes. Wi-Flight's accelerometers also record engine vibrations, providing Flight Time / Engine Running time.

Wi-Flight's Flight Data Monitoring system will in turn receive Crew information from Flight Office Student Profiles and detailed Dispatching Component, enabling Wi-Flight to assign access privileges to the 3-D flight playback with audio that is generated automatically after each flight. This will enable Flight Instructors to review all of the flights for which they were onboard the aircraft, provide students with the availability to review their own flights and enable student solo supervision by the instructor.

With this newly announced partnership Flight Office and Wi-Flight will be integrating new software capabilities that will allow for smooth and seamless data sharing between the two products. These expanded features will allow existing and/or new Flight Office and Wi-Flight customers to benefit mutually from both companies unique technologies.

About Wi-Flight

Combining an innovative wireless-enabled portable flight data recorder with powerful web-based automated flight data analysis and playback tools, General Aviation Safety Network (GASN) intends to become the market leader for General Aviation FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) and FDM (Flight Data Monitoring). Its first product Wi-Flight, was launched July 26th 2010. Wi-Flight is a FDM / FOQA cloud-based product / service developed by GASN, a subsidiary of Aero Teknic Inc. of St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada. Visit us at


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