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26 September 2003

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GenAv Flight Office - II incorporates FAA suggestions for enhanced security at flight schools and FBOs


Sidney, BC, September 26, 2003 -- GenAv Systems is serious about meeting its customers' needs. The company's newest software shows that GenAv continues to set the highest standard for General Aviation booking systems. Last January GenAv introduced its total solution package for flight training schools and charter operations - Gen Av Flight Office (GFO) - and customers enthusiastically embraced it and praised its benefits. GFO has now got even better. How? GenAv Systems listened closely to its customers. It asked questions, listened to product feedback, and went back to the drawing board. The result? The most powerful and versatile GFO version ever - GenAv Flight Office, Version 2.0 (GFO-II). 

Safety and security are at the top of the list of enhancements made to GFO's original design. Flight schools and fixed based operators (FBOs) want to meet the industry's current security challenges, and GFO-II helps them meet this goal! This timely and valuable GFO upgrade not only provides enhanced security checks for its users; it also incorporates FAA suggestions for enhanced security at flight schools and FBOs. These suggestions were outlined in an FAA notice to help aviation safety inspectors assist in enhancing security in and around general aviation airports and aircraft parking areas. Features incorporated into GFO-II help the user to easily capture positive pilot identification, driver record, driver identifying information, immigration status, and more. GFO-II, through its tracking and reporting abilities, is an effective tool for maintaining safety and security at flight schools and FBOs.

Other GFO-II enhancements include the ability to create multiple booking sheets based on the type of resource, to drag and drop bookings instantaneously, to track customer account balance while flagging customers whose accounts are in the red, and to support a credit card on file expiration alert. The improved system, of course, retains all the benefits that original GFO users have grown to depend on for an efficient flight office management operation. Those benefits include the safety component of systematically and transparently checking pilot medical and rating status at reservation and dispatch times; the tracking of inactive customer accounts; a single data-entry system that results in time and money savings; and the ability to add optional components for internet access, aircraft maintenance tracking, and invoicing.

Stephane Way, President of GenAv Systems, appreciates the enthusiastic endorsement in the original GFO system but expects GFO-II to meet with even louder applause. "While GFO greatly simplifies operations, especially those that have historically been cumbersome to track and manage, GFO-II meshes the critical safety and security component with an efficient and effective business operation. GFO-II more thoroughly meets today's customer's needs. It brings high-tech procedures to businesses and makes implementation of those procedures easy. Progressive flight training schools and FBOs will love GFO-II."



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