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23 February 2005

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Strengthening Solutions for Customers


Sidney, BC, February 23, 2005 -- GenAv Systems, known for quality products, quality service and constant product enhancement, is proud to announce a new real-time integration between Flight Office and the popular accounting system, QuickBooks. The real time integration - and the enhanced capabilities it brings to GenAv’s Flight Office - was made possible through a new application programming interface (API): the award-winning CoreObjX API developed by Synergration. Stephane Way, President of GenAv Systems, states, “It was an honor to work with first-rate Synergration in developing our real time integration interface. They’ve also been integral to our Flight Office international market expansion efforts.” Synergration, specializing in custom QuickBooks solutions since 1997, integrates legacy systems utilizing the latest technology. Their flagship product, CoreObjX, is the foundation for all Synergration products and provides an unmatched advantage in developing custom QuickBooks applications. For more on Synergration, see

GenAv System’s Flight Office was initially introduced in January 2003 as a total solution package for flight training schools and charter operations. Though it became an instant hit, GenAv continued to improve upon its program capabilities. A more powerful and versatile Flight Office 2.0 was made available less than a year later; and, in December 2003, GenAv unveiled yet another improvement - export capability. Customers were able to effortlessly export GenAv Flight Office information to QuickBooks and BusinessVision accounting systems. This gave flight schools, using QuickBooks or BusinessVision accounting systems, the ability to import information from GenAv Flight Office 2.0 to their accounting system without cumbersome and monotonous re-entry of information. The new export capability also permitted easy transfer of order details (items, discounts, sales tax, order numbers, invoice information including instructor, flight times, etc.) and customer and payment information. Besides allowing customers to continue using their favorite accounting packages, exporting information into QuickBooks/BusinessVision also significantly reduced data entry time and minimized potential for data entry error. GenAv Flight Office's export capability added tremendous benefits to an already dynamic system! 

The improved system retained all the original Flight Office benefits that ensured users an efficient flight office management operation, including the systematic and transparent checking of pilot medical and rating status at reservation and dispatch times; the tracking of inactive customer accounts; the ability to add optional components for internet access; and, aircraft maintenance tracking and invoicing. 

So what does real-time integration now add to industry favorite, Flight Office? Says, Way, “It makes for a tighter, more efficient and more current operation. It’s the latest data at your fingertips…it’s what businesses need for maximum operation effectiveness! For example, say you have a customer whose account balance is in the red. This customer then calls to book a flight. Ordinarily, at the time of this call, one would not know that a delinquent account exists. However, with real time integration, the system automatically alerts you - the user - as to the delinquent account status. Real time is smart business!”

Other benefits of the new integration component include: exporting of invoices to QuickBooks in real time; synchronization of QuickBooks’ customers and services (e.g. sales items) from Flight Office; exportation of new customers from Flight Office to QuickBooks (new customers created in Flight Office will simultaneously be created in QuickBooks); elimination of all manual data entry from flight logs into accounting systems; and, processing customer payment in real-time. One can also generate an invoice with a click of a button once a flight event is completed by entering the Hobbs (VDO), TACH, and/or Air Switch Time in Flight Office. The invoice and customer payment will be sent automatically to QuickBooks, saving tremendous, valuable data entry time and improving data integrity since data entry is a one-time event. 

Does it stop here? “No way, says Way. “ Flight Office has certainly evolved in two short years but I envision expanding the integration capability with even more accounting systems in the near future. The real time integration component does, however, establish Flight Office as the indispensable management tool for today’s flight schools and simulator centers!”