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GenAv Announces Availability of ProBook Booking System


Sidney, BC, November 5, 2001 -- GenAv Systems today launches the ProBook Booking Systemfor flight training schools and charter operations. ProBook, which has been specifically designed for flight training, features a real-time 'electronic booking sheet' that can be viewed and used by any workstations throughout a school's business location. With ProBook ONLINE - the internet component of ProBook - students, instructors and pilots can view and use the booking sheet via the internet.

ProBook introduces many innovative ideas compared to other booking systems. It's features a graphic-oriented user interface (simply point-and-click the time slots you want to book), a dispatch console to monitor flight events and bookings over the internet and statistical/analytical functions to help school managers better utilize their resources. "Having been involved at the management level of a Flight Training School, I believe the ProBook System to be a great tool. For the owner-operator or the prudent manager the ProBook system allows a snap shot of the business on a day-by-day basis without a lot of paper shuffling. It rolls several aspects of paper trail into a simple point-and-click exercise that takes only minutes, not hours, freeing up time" says Sheldon Root, GenAv's Director of Marketing.

"We're really excited to launch this application. It's time for schools to let go of their booking sheets and get on-board with a modern booking system" Stephane Way chief developer of the ProBook System comments. "Not only are we letting go of something we've been using for several decades but we are allowing students and pilots to do their own bookings from home or work via the internet. That's what the internet is all about - giving power to the people".

GenAv is offering a 30 day free of charge evaluation copy of ProBook for interested flight schools, clubs and charter operations.  Click here to request your evaluation copy.


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