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Pro-Aviation deploys GenAv Flight Office to manage multiple sites 


Quebec City, PQ, January 8, 2003 -- Pro Aviation, a flight training center approved by Transport Canada, operates two training centers in the province of Quebec - one at the Jean-Lesage International Airport (Ste. Foy) in Quebec City; the other at St. Hubert Airport in Montreal. Pro Aviation's challenge? How to best manage and coordinate data, systems, people and planes at both sites! Pro Aviation's search results quickly led them to the GenAv Flight Office (GFO), a system they rapidly deployed!

GFO, a total solution package for flights schools and charter operations, provides Pro Aviation with the navigational tools needed to efficiently manage its multiple sites. GFO incorporates software to facilitate and track all data associated with scheduling, maintenance, accounting, pilot shop sales, and internet access for students, instructors, and managers. Program components allow schools to customize their GFO system to meet operational requirements - while making cumbersome office practices a thing of the past. Additionally, the system's integrated component design automatically shares information between sites - eliminating the repetitive data entries required of outdated systems! 

Pro Aviation trains over 150 pilots annually and know what their customers need to become safe pilots. GFO compliments Pro Aviation's commitment to safety by systematically and transparently checking pilot medical data, date/type last flown and aircraft flight restrictions. This also simplifies timely aircraft maintenance, as work can now be easily foreseen, planned and accomplished.

Martin Brandl, Vice-President and Co-owner of Pro Aviation, gives GFO two thumbs up! He praises the ease in securing aircraft schedules, the real-time component accessing and the ability to access his system from any place, at any time. Mr. Brandl states, "GFO allows students to make the best scheduling choice by viewing aircraft and seeing available time-slots. Instructors can check their bookings at night to see if they need to come in early the next day. There's also less risk of sending a pilot or student off with an expired medical or check-out on type. Additionally, GFO permits effortless tracking of maintenance inspections and appropriate scheduling of aircraft."

Pro Aviation has two locations to serve their customers better - and now GFO is enhancing that service! For more information on Pro Aviation, visit their web site at:


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