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September 2012


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Flight Office Introduces All Access Mobile & ASTAR Syllabus Prototype:

GenAv Systems announces “Ultra Online Booking Capabilities” & an “Interactive ASTAR App”, to the Global Flight Training Industry, at this year's University Aviation Association (UAA) Fall Conference 2012.


Murfreesboro, Tennessee, September 27, 2012

– From the Flight Office development team at GenAv Systems, comes new Internet Interface functionality for Online Bookings and a working Prototype of ASTAR (Aviation Student Tracking Analysis and Reporting) System. GenAv President Stephane Way, will be on site to demonstrate live, to fellow UAA members “Flight Office full internet access” through any mobile device and in addition, he will showcase a visually interactive prototype of ASTAR, that is due to be released in late 2012.

Now included in the Core System of Flight Office, the new online booking system allows students and instructors to add bookings and view existing flight event schedules using mobile browsers such as Android, iPhone, iPad and other tablets. Along with current online capabilities, this new functionality provides a quick, convenient connection between students and their flight training facilities, no matter where they are, 24/7. Another major project for the Flight Office development team is their curriculum management component, referred to as ASTAR. Through a combination of industry experts, training professionals and their highly specialised R & D director & IT team, Flight Office has created an operational prototype of their course cataloging system (just a teaser of what’s to come!), that will be customizable for use in aviation training facilities around the world. Drop by their booth at the convention, see a demonstration of what is here now and be the first to have a glimpse of the future of aviation management technology at its best.

GenAv Systems successes have been due to its founder, Stephane Way and its VP of Airline Research & Development, Glenn Kerr. Their vision reflects the products GenAv Systems provides; “offer superior quality, easy to use software that is relevant to industry standards today & provides solutions for tomorrow.” Experience the innovations for yourself in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, September 27 & 28, 2012.

About UAA

The University Aviation Association (UAA) is the voice of collegiate aviation to its members, the industry, government and the general public. Through the collective expertise of its members, this nonprofit organization plays a pivotal role in the advancement of degree-granting aviation programs that represent all segments of the aviation industry.

Today, UAA has more than 525 members, including 105 accredited colleges and universities. The organization and its members are poised to meet the ever-changing needs of the aviation industry and address the challenges of the 21st century.


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