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Flight School Managers Can Increase Efficiency with ProBook


Sidney, BC, March 1, 2002 -- After 2.5 years of development GenAv Systems Ltd. has released ProBook, a software package that touches all areas of flight operations. ProBook started out as a simple point and click booking system to replace the paper booking sheets found in most flight schools and charter operations. Since then ProBook has become the ultimate management tool and is available for flight schools and chater operations of all sizes. 

ProBook allows users to book flights online; some of the newer features include resource analysis, revenue statistics, and even aircraft maintenance tracking. Coordination of flight staff is automatic as the program schedules instructors when dual time is needed. "ProBook brings flight school operations into the 21st century by making use of the computer, something that hasn't really been done yet," says Stephane Way, president of GenAv Systems Ltd. "Everything is visual, easy to control, and simple to learn."

A free trial version is available, allowing schools and charter operations to test "fly" it first. For more information see the company web site, or phone (866)GENAV-01. 


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