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GenAv Systems Announces the Complete Solution for Flight Schools: GenAv Flight Office 


Sidney, BC, January 6, 2003 -- GenAv Systems, having set the standard for General Aviation booking system, proudly launches its new and comprehensive GenAv Flight Office (GFO).  GFO is a total solution package for flights schools and charter operators.  It incorporates software to facilitate and manage all data associated with scheduling, maintenance, accounting, pilot shop sales, and internet access for students, instructors, and managers.

GFO program components can be purchased separately, allowing Flight Training Units (FTUs) to customize the system to their requirements.  Components are integrated, permitting the sharing of information within the designed system.  This results in one-time data entries - another GFO time saving feature!  GFO also increases safety by systematically and transparently checking pilot medical data, date/type last flown and aircraft flight restrictions.

Stephane Way, President of GenAv Systems predicts that flight schools and charter operations familiar with GFO will enthusiastically endorse it.  "GFO greatly simplifies operations that have historically been cumbersome to track and manage. It’s unique capabilities provide timely data necessary for operating efficiently. It's many user friendly functions free up time, reduce paper usage, and provide analytical tools to assess numerous business operations.  The bottom line is that GFO works!  Not only does it bring them into the high tech world, it makes dollars and much sense given the current challenges of our industry."


About GenAv Systems

Established in 1998, GenAv Systems has set the standard for General Aviation booking systems. GenAv Systems offers scalable and powerful solutions that cover all aspects of flight school operations. Modernize your office today! GenAv Systems will show you how - it will also provide the system support you need to succeed! To “test fly” GFO or for more information on GFO or other products, contact GenAv Systems Ltd., P.O. Box 52056, Sidney, BC, V8L 5V9 Canada; Phone +1.866.GENAV.01; or visit
















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