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6 January 2005

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GenAv Systems Arrives at Historic Auburn University


Auburn, AL, January 6, 2005 -- Auburn University, the largest university in the state of Alabama and the second oldest in America’s Southeast, welcomes a new arrival on their historic campus – GenAv systems! The university, chartered in 1856 and opened in 1859, has a proud and dynamic history. The university’s flight education program was established in 1942 at their Auburn School of Aviation. The school trained civilian pilots for service in the Army Air Corp during World War II. Since then, they’ve trained pilots for all segments of civil and military aviation and, today, have more than 2500 alumni working in the aerospace industry. Auburn University and its Flight Education have a solid reputation throughout the industry for the quality graduates it produces and the Auburn degree has become a well recognized and coveted credential. Auburn University’s Flight Education program (see has grown with the aviation industry and GenAv Systems’ Flight Office will help them manage the invoicing segment of that growth.

GenAv’s Flight Office provides a myriad of software capabilities designed to facilitate and enhance flight office operations. Auburn elected to use Flight Office’s invoicing program, due in part, to its interface compatibility with the Financial Reporting System (FRS) – the university’s campus mainframe invoicing system. Says Bob Wootan, GenAv’s Vice-President for Sales and Marketing,“The fact that we can tailor GenAv’s Flight Office to interface with any existing invoicing system is a major benefit to our customers.” GenAv’s Flight Office will automatically deduct appropriate fees from the student accounts upon each flight training session. The system allows the flight staff to set an alert based on low account balances. For example, if $500 is determined as the notification threshold, the system will automatically restrict the account - alerting the staff that the student account balance is low. This results in proactive communications between the office and students as well as overall improved account and invoicing efficiencies. Flight Office generates invoices that are formatted for compatible export to Auburn’s main campus FRS for further system processing.
“GenAv Systems is honored to be affiliated with Auburn’s Flight Education team and we look forward to providing them with the quality service and support that is at the heart of GenAv Systems, stated Wootan.