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AIMS Community College makes the grade with GenAv Flight Office 


Greeley, CO, January 15, 2003 -- Aims Community College knows the formula needed to rank among the most respected community colleges in the nation. And, recognizing the rapid pace of technology and embracing change is part of their equation for success! So when GenAv Systems launched its new and comprehensive GenAv Flight Office (GFO) system, Aims paid attention. 

GFO, a total solution package for flights schools and charter operations, incorporates software to facilitate and manage all data associated with scheduling, maintenance, accounting, pilot shop sales, and internet access for students, instructors, and managers. GFO program components allow users to customize the system to their requirements. Additionally, information is automatically shared within the designed system due to component integration. This eliminates duplicate data entries - a tremendous time saving feature! GFO also increases safety by systematically and transparently checking pilot medical data, date/type last flown and aircraft flight restrictions. Aims appreciation and use of advanced technology, and GFO's ability to simplify historically cumbersome operations, make Aims and GFO a natural match! 

Barbara Soleta, Aims Community College, reports increased operational efficiency since enrolling GFO! The college is experiencing a reduction in booking errors such as duplicate or overlapping bookings and errors associated with aircraft/instructor availability. Instructors and dispatchers also welcome the ease of booking provided by GFO, facilitated by the color-coded flight identification feature. Additional benefits reported include excellent data availability and recovery; and, user-friendly formats and administrative functions. Tremendous time-savings are also being realized. This includes a savings of two hours a day provided by on-line email reminders that eliminated flight reminder phone calls and fewer phone inquiries due to information provided online regarding booked flights. System automated management reports have also eliminated countless of hours personnel previously expended manually collecting and organizing needed data. Ms. Soleta also complimented the responsiveness and system support provided by GenAv Systems. 

Aims' implementation of GFO truly reflects the college's commitment of being a dynamic and innovative organization where change and creativity are valued while ensuring the needs of their communities are met! And while Aims is well known for its quality instructors, Microsoft's Bill Gates was well impressed with its high-tech stance! GFO is a fitting partner in keeping Aims Community College as a leading source for career education and workforce development! For more information on Aims Community College, visit their web site at:


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