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18 November 2005

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GenAv Systems to Deliver Powerful Airline Scheduling Tool for Airlines


Sidney, BC, Canada, November 18, 2005 -- Glenn Kerr, GenAv Systemsí Vice President of Airline Research & Development is pleased to announce a new partnership with the National Research Council (NRC). This prestigious teaming is collaborating on Project Vitruvian, a design initiative to enhance GenAvís Airline Training Scheduling product known as Training Resource (Information) Manager - or TRiM. Vitruvian will be the backbone of TRiM's Automatic Scheduling component, which uses Advanced Automation Intelligence (A2I) to create an optimized schedule for airline training departments

TRiM, GenAv's flagship airline product, has been readily embraced by airline training
departments for its effectiveness in creating schedules while factoring in a myriad of industry complexities. Among those complexities is the need for airlines to create optimized, low cost schedules that maximize resource utilization (simulators, flight training devices, classrooms and part task trainers) and minimize errors and costs, all while obeying complex Union and regulatory issues.

While project Vitruvian already has a unique ability to create good "Quality of Life"
schedules for pilots, while maximizing resource utilization, GenAv Systemsí
President, Stephane Way, is excited about the impact the product will bring
to TRiM's already intuitive features. ďI have always been confident regarding TRiMís capabilities and knew that it would be a natural star with the airlines. The software has gained rapid popularity for many reasons. Key among those is that TRiM provides users with an automatic scheduling tool with a convenient and easy-to-use graphical interface for schedulers.