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28 September 2005

Contact: Bob Wootan

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ASTAR is Born…unveiling at UAA Conference!


Champaign, IL, September 28, 2005 -- GenAv Systems unveiled its newest star at the University Aviation Association’s (UAA) fall education conference in Champaign, Illinois today.

The new software, Aviation Student Tracking, Analysis and Reporting (ASTAR), promises to shine so brightly that it couldn’t be called anything else! The GenAv Flight Office ASTAR student record keeping system incorporates a user-defined syllabus that exceeds FAA requirements of part 61 and part 141 training methodologies. With its competency-based scoring on a user-defined scale, every maneuver and procedure is easily tracked and reported. The comprehensive system also significantly reduces instructor and administrative workload.  

To further enhance the streamlining of data capture, GenAv offers a handheld computer (Palm) scoring system for instructors. Instructors will automatically be able to synchronize their handheld computer and update student records. This eliminates manual and repetitive entries into the Pilot Training Record system (PTR). Flight times and meters can also be recorded so that the synchronization will completely capture the flight. ASTAR can even trigger an invoice from its connection to Flight Office invoicing module.

Many other GenAv Flight Office enhancements are also available. One allows aircraft to be in the air more hours per day; and a suggestion by Jon McDermott of Bowling Green University has also been incorporated. After viewing a demonstration that included GenAv’s student availability screen, Jon suggested that a new feature be implemented to allow available students to fill booking cancellations. The system lists "students available to fly" and displays their phone information; or, sends a one-click email. This feature is now shipping! Bob Wootan, GenAv’s Vice-President for Sales and Marketing, says, “For those of you who will be in Champaign for UAA’s fall conference, please make sure to stop by our exhibit and ask for a demonstration! ASTAR offers much more than you think! See you in Champaign!”