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May 2012


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GenAv Systems Announces its Newest Version Release for Flight Office

Customisable, Innovative and Flexible Solutions for Flight Training Facilities


Sidney, British Columbia – Once again GenAv Systems moves itself to the top of the Aviation Software Solutions market, by releasing its newest advancements within Flight Office. Under the direction of Stephane Way, the Development Team at Flight Office has provided their latest in product enhancements and features. “Giving our customers the best tools possible that are easy to use and relevant to their facility’s requirements, continues to be our on-going mission ,” says Way. “Our expanding product line offers unique features and capabilities for the general aviation training industry on a global scale.”

The User Definable Qualification Check feature exemplifies this philosophy. This exciting development provides users with the ability to create and track an unlimited number of qualifications, based on facility and regional requirements, for individual instructors and students. The UDQCs functionality, allows for quick set up and simple addition of qualifications into each student and instructor profile. The qualification builder screen, with its easy set up and implementation, demonstrates further, the versatility and flexibility of the Flight Office software.

Within the UDQC feature and throughout this new release, are enhancements that add to the Users ease of experience and increase their ability to customise items based on their own facility’s requirements. Updates to PIN authorisation and Security Levels have been made, allowing for alert overrides and to prevent changes being made to qualifications listed within student and instructor profiles. Additions have been made to the Flight Completion form to automatically check Log Book entry when flights have been authorised, Distinctive icons have been added for easy viewing and automated Login ID updates will be performed. Detailed FAB (Flight Authorisation Board) reports are available for display and exporting as with all the reports within the program. To afford its customers with the most relevant and current information about Flight Office, the HELP files have been updated in numerous areas. The HELP files are a quick reference and a detailed guide for all system Users and are available with just a mouse click. Another example of how Flight Office provides the ultimate, complete and comprehensive package for flight training facilities

The Flight Office team incorporates customer input into every new release. This is another reason for its success and popularity within the industry. By combining its innovative advancements with insights from knowledgeable individuals working in flight training facilities, Flight Office maintains its leadership role and continues to exceed industry expectations.


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