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April 2011     


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GenAv Systems Accepts Invitation to Exhibit Product Lines at the World Aviation Training Conference & Tradeshow (WATS) 2011

Orlando, Florida, April 19, 2011 – GenAv Systems, leading the industry in Aviation Training Management and Qualification Tracking Software, is honoured to join in with airline training experts at the annual World Aviation Training (WATS) Conference and Tradeshow.  GenAv VP and Product Developer Glenn Kerr, will be on hand to demonstrate to WATS participants, the best in TRiM innovations and advanced technologies. “We are proud to showcase our latest advancements,” says Kerr.  “Our product line offers high efficiency scheduling and  schedule maintenance tools, reducing resource wastage and eliminating costly scheduling errors.

Designed not by software programmers, but by lifetime industry managers and schedulers, TRiM is said by many to be the quintessential tool for the airline training industry. “ We have some impressive customers who are loyal to our Training Scheduling solution, as well as our ability to meet their ever changing environment – SkyWest, ASA, Mesaba, FAA to name a few.” says Kerr. TRiM is designed for easy presentation of Training Scheduling, with many integration features, including PBS integration, CrewTrac, Automated Change Notification, Instructor and Crew Qualification Tracking. What makes TRiM such a leader with customers is not only its flexible response to customer needs, but also its simple presentation of the schedule, allowing users easy drag and drop scheduling, and visual representations of scheduling issues. This allows users to eliminate errors at every step of the process.

In addition to TRiM, GenAv offers the Flight Office System, available to experience firsthand at WATS.  Company President Stephane Way appreciates the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of Flight Office, It is utilized worldwide and incorporates easy user interaction with real time functionality. The System enables quick access to your Scheduling Board through a Windows interface and a 24/7 Internet portal.  It runs on your PCs (internet optional) and includes booking, dispatching, predictive aircraft maintenance, student record keeping (available soon) and invoicing components that will organize scheduling needs, provide resource management and maintain reporting requirements. It displays an at-a glance overview of Flight Training Events and Aircraft Maintenance status.


The World Aviation Training Conference and Tradeshow is scheduled for April 19 – 21, and will display the world’s most state-of-the-art training solutions in its 40,000 square-foot exhibition hall. GenAv invites you to join them during this spectacular event. See for yourself why airline industry leaders say “There’s really no other product worth considering.”