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October 2011     


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Providing the Newest in Aviation Scheduling Software Solutions Makes it Easy to Choose GenAv Systems Flight Office

Innovative technology features increase GenAv’s leadership in the aviation management industry


Sidney, British Columbia – GenAv Systems moves forward to lead the pack in the industry of Flight Training and Scheduling Software and proudly presents its most recent release of Flight Office.  GenAv Head of Product Development, Stephane Way, has provided their newest in product innovations. “Arming our customers with the most relevant functionality available on the market today in order to effectively manage their flight training operations continues to be our goal,” says Way.  “Our suite of products offer revolutionary, one of a kind features to the general aviation training industry worldwide.”

Latest technological advances and easily accessible and user friendly features have been the keys to the success of the Flight Office System to date. The Flight Authorisation Board is an example of such advances and ingenuity. FAB is a real-time alternative to the Daily Flight Dispatch Sheets, providing an electronic and printable version for on site requirements. It shows details for flights in progress, recently completed flights and allows for digital signatures (PINs) that replace written entries, where a flight event cannot be dispatched without proper authorisation by instructors and agreement by students. It can be customised for individual facilities to show, hide, add, and order the displayed fields as desired using the FAB builder tool within the Flight Office program.  Default templates are provided or customised templates matching current dispatch sheets can be easily created. The board itself can remain open while Flight Office is in use, and can be dragged to a second monitor or displayed on a dedicated system for all staff to view. FAB is capable of displaying up to the 100 most recent flight events ordered by flight sequence number and up to 49 different field values across the top. It replaces the need for a written daily dispatch sheet, saving valuable time and storage space, while still producing a flight dispatch record for each aircraft and flight event as required by federal & government regulations. In addition to FAB are many tools that encompass quick and easy functionality for the Flight Office user. Form resizing, column headers when exporting documents & data, PIN authorisation for Instructors, Students and Staff with PINFLAG indicators, and a variety of upgraded invoicing and reporting features, are only some of Flight Office’s newest, and most requested features.

GenAv Systems has reached top leadership status by providing products that match its company vision; Easy Software Solutions for Aviation Training. Experience the difference that the Flight Office System can make to your organization.  Join GenAv on line and request a detailed product tour. Contact us today.


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