User Definable Qualification Checks

Create office checks and qualifications for students and instructors using Flight Office's powerful builder tool. Generate qualification groups that can be applied to selected student and instructor accounts. Each group has its own list of Qualifications and checks as defined by your facility.

Enable existing qualifications listed and add custom ones that are required to be tracked in your specific region. The builder allows for easy set up and editing of each new group or qualification that is added. Qualifications or Groups can be designated as inactive if no longer in use.

When adding a new qualification check such as requiring students to provide a current photograph to be kept on file, field types are selected to define how the qualification will be tracked and when alerts will be issued. In this case, when a student's picture has expired, any booking being created or dispatched for that student will require a level 2 (senior dispatcher or instructor) PIN to override the warning and continue with the booking. Users have the option to define each field type and security levels for any new qualification check that is created.

Once the new requirement has been added, it will be shown under any student or instructor account that is part of the associated qualification group.

For example, since the current photograph requirement is for students, it is listed in the STU grouping and once enabled will be set to the tracking requirements that were defined in the builder and now displayed under the student's details.