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Is it driving you crazy trying to keep up with the maintenance schedule? Are you spending hours tediously going through log books daily to ensure aircraft are not running beyond the prescribed schedule time? Do you wish there was a better way? Don't you wish you could find that information with the click of the mouse, from your desk?

NOW YOU CAN ! With GFO +Maintenance system we have incorporated a unique table that keeps track of the Flight Time, Tach Time and Actual Air Time. We have also built a very flexible and easy system for the Director of Maintenance (DoM) to keep track of and enter Next Maintenance Hours. This table is a count down table that shows the number of Tach/Air Time hours before the next scheduled maintenance. With the above system you enter a set % ratio between the Booked Flight Hours and Actual Tach or Air Time. This allows the system to calculate in hours when the next maintenance is due.



There are unlimited categories for the DoM to enter information. Should you be running with aircraft that are "On Condition" you would enter 50hr, 100hr, 250hr and so on. If the aircraft were not "On Condition" you would enter 100 hr, 250hr, and so on. Once the schedule is set, it automatically counts down the remaining time for each category. This information is displayed every time an aircraft is booked and can be seen at any time with a click of the mouse. 

In addition to the above feature there is also an "Intelligent Maintenance Prediction system" (IMP) that can be activated. Should you want an actual "Historical" ratio you would check the 'Statistic' box when setting the operating parameters. This would allow the system to calculate the actual Tach/Air Time versus "Booked" time from the booking sheet and calculates forward to the next maintenance. This would show up in the "Predicted Tach/Air Time" of the maintenance count down. IMP uses the parameters for type of booking, whether it is Solo, Private Training, or Advanced, etc. It automatically does the calculation to form the ratio between Booked Time and Tach/Air Time to get a precise "Predicted Tach/Air Time". This allows the school to maximize the Income Revenue from the aircraft as well as minimize the chance of running over the Maintenance Due time. It also allows the DoM to foresee and plan the big jobs ensuring stock availability and scheduling labor as required. This system was incorporated due to the different Tach/Air Times versus Booked Time for the different types of flights. Some wide variations were being experienced and this would cause discrepancies in the Predicted Tach/Air time versus the Booked Time to Tach/Air Time. This feature will also help the Manager to analyze the efficiency at which the aircraft are being used. 



This analytical feature allows the flexibility during extended hours to reschedule labor or train staff to maximize efficiency. Too many half hour delays between flights can cost you unearned revenue !



The aircraft maintenance board provides you with an overview of the maintenance state of your entire fleet.  See how much longer each aircraft may be operated for before requiring maintenance at a glance.  Choose when each level of maintenance alert should be displayed.  Build your own aircraft status levels that give you control over which users are allowed to make or dispatch bookings.  Updates in real time as flights are completed, ideal for giving a comprehensive maintenance overview and getting the maximum use out of each aircraft.


Here are some of GFO +Maintenance features:

  • Deferred Defects: Input deferred defects and restrict aircraft accordingly. 

  • Inspection calendar dates: Track maintenance item due dates.

  • Inspection hourly items: Track item hours (predicts aircraft Tach/Air time and issues maintenance alert).

  • Maintenance Board: View all aircraft maintenance data, updated in real time.

  • Maintenance Notes: Miscellaneous maintenance notes for aircraft.




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