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GenAv Flight Office Checks and Balance

Operating a fleet of training aircraft involves many unpredictable factors, and therefore many risks. Many of these risks can be managed through a comprehensive check of all data your operation has on hand. GenAv Flight Office helps you reduce risk by automatically predicting aircraft maintenance, student and instructor qualifications, ratings and medical expirations in real time.

1. By demonstrating to your insurance company how you address and document these critical areas with auditable checks, GenAv will put your operation in a more favorable position when it comes time to negotiate your next insurance rate assessment.

2. GenAv Flight Office allows the business Manager to query information at any time of the day, which gives you the ability to track the health of your business as it happens, not just at month-end.

GenAv Internet Booking

3. GenAv Internet Booking frees up reception time, eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist or booking clerk. The dispatch clerk can see booking selections being made while carrying on with other functions. When an internet booking is sent by a customer or student, it is immediately displayed on the dispatch console. A simple click of the mouse reviews and confirms flight bookings.

4. Instructors can check their schedules from home without taking valuable time from the reception or booking clerk. GenAv Internet Booking gives them the tools to organize their time and the students' time more effectively.

5. Customers can make bookings from the comfort of their home or office. They can look through the GenAv Internet Booking at their leisure and select the time that best suits their schedule without having to be put on hold or maybe not getting through due to phone lines being busy.

6. GenAv Internet Booking is as fast as the Internet itself. The GenAv Internet Booking System is "real-time" and customers can view the booking sheet to see if they are confirmed or not (email confirmations are optional). Should a booking problem arise, the dispatch person can email the student or customer directly from the Dispatch Console.

GenAv Predictive Maintenance

7. GenAv Predictive Maintenance schedules and tracks maintenance on each aircraft, which can be viewed with the click of a mouse. Dispatch information displays the remaining hours to the next scheduled maintenance. 

8. The Director of Maintenance can plan and organize labour and easily prepare budgets. GenAv Predictive Maintenance simplifies the correlation of the entries into the log book and maintains control of scheduling. The unique countdown feature takes all the guesswork and math out of predictive maintenance thereby achieving optimum use of aircraft and improving monitoring of maintenance-due items.






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