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Flight Authorisation Board (FAB)

The Flight Authorisation Board (FAB) is an alternative to the Daily Flight Dispatch Sheets, displaying in real-time, the status of all flights on a dedicated computer monitor while complying with the requirements from your aviation authority with a printable version. It shows details for flights in progress, recently completed flights and allows for digital authorisation (using PINs) that replace entries requiring a traditional signature, where a flight event cannot be dispatched without proper authorisation by instructors and agreement by students. It can be remodeled for individual facilities to show, hide, add, and order the displayed fields as desired using the FAB builder tool within the Flight Office program.  Ready to use templates are provided or adjusted templates matching current dispatch sheets can be easily created. FAB displays all your daily flight training events in the order they are dispatched. Designated and custom column headers are displayed at the top of your board.

FAB replaces the need for a written daily dispatch sheet, saving valuable time and storage space, while still producing a flight dispatch record for each aircraft and flight event as required by federal & government regulations.

FAB is meant to be displayed on a dedicated TV screen mounted on the wall for easy viewing by everyone. It works in the same manner as the Aircraft Status Board (ACSB), as seen above

You can tailor the FAB to your facility or use one of our standard templates that are already set up within Flight Office. You determine what you want to be displayed by using the FAB Builder to create a board that suits the needs of your facility.


Use FAB Builder tool to create a designated template. Once a template has been selected it can be modeled after your written Daily Dispatch Sheet and adjusted for any specified layout.

         Easily create an FAB that meets your current requirements

         A variety of standard templates are offered to choose from or select and modify one of our standard templates

         Templates were created with input from various industry locations worldwide

Flight Office acknowledges that each facility has different needs and display requirements, satisfying those differences by allowing FAB to be tailored to the individualís current Daily Dispatch Sheet.

Benefits of FAB

      Easily view in real time, the status of your daily flight events through a dedicated monitor.

         Reports from FAB data are available to you at your fingertips and can be printed at anytime.

         Reduces human error and provides a more efficient manner in which staff, instructors & students can enter important data i.e. flight times, hobbs/tach times, fuel logs etc.

         Provides the confidence in knowing that each flight has been properly logged and accounted for at any given time.

         Security - PINs - Personal Identification Numbers provide clear verification of dispatch & return details. Pop up messages (as shown below) alert users that a PIN is required for flight event verification.


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