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GenAv Flight Office Scheduling Overview


GenAv Flight Office Scheduling (GFO) is a real-time, multi-user office management system for flight schools and clubs. With its easy to use graphic interface, just point-and-click time-slots to book, create a customer invoice, track aircraft maintenance hours and generate revenue statistics and other reports for management. GFO scheduling is very flexible allowing you to customize the booking sheet, resources (aircraft & instructor) and flight/training options. We also offer ProBook OnLine (the optional internet component) that allows your students and pilots to make and delete bookings over the internet, thereby giving your staff more time training rather than answering the phones. Using our unique Dispatch Console window all flight and booking activities and flight events can easily be monitored.

In addition to the above benefits, some other features include:

  • On-site Server and WorkStations gives you better control and service reliability by using your Local Area Network (LAN) 

  • Graphic User Interface: GFO Scheduling is the exact duplicate of the paper system. Just point-and-click (drag&drop) on its virtual booking sheets.

  • History log that keeps a record of all past bookings with flight/air times, hobbs etc.

  • Create flexible hourly rates for aircraft and instructors 

  • Integrated Tach/Air Time Prediction System and tracking (GFO +Maintenance)

  • Morning and evening twilight hours of your local airport.

  • Booking Search: Quickly locate (by name or account) bookings on your sheets.

  • Resource statistics to help you maximize your resource utilization (aircraft/instructors)

  • Keep track of who, when and where (on-site or internet) bookings are made or deleted.

  • Booking Protocol: Restrict students or resources (aircraft/instructor) by requiring confirmation from Dispatch.

  • Report generating capabilities with full printer support

  • Ability to generate Student, Aircraft, Instructor/Pilot Statistics

  • Create text or graphical printouts of your 'virtual' booking sheets 

  • Student/Pilot currency and medical expiry check 

  • Verifies BFR due dates, renter's insurance and CFI expiry dates

  • Booking sheet can be customized by viewing dates and hours

  • Integrated email server (auto booking reminders and confirmations, alerts etc.)

  • Server Auto-backup that saves GFO's data on a daily basis

  • System Usage Statistics (# of  logons, bookings, deletes both onsite or internet)

  • 6 level of accounts with different features and security privileges

  • Optional internet capability (ProBook OnLine)

  • Keep track of account Balance and generate Revenue Statistics (GFO +Accounting)

  • Ability to export data/accounting (GFO +Accounting)



GFO Scheduling main screen - Showing Booking Grid, Dispatch Console, Clipboard, Preview Pane, Booking Search, Resource tabs, and 10 week Calendar


Creating a booking.  Includes direct links to student and aircraft, with quick information on maintenance.


Booking cancellation options showing wait list and clipboard storage. 



First page of the resource's details, with configuration options and defect list.



Allows management of comprehensive student record details.



Invoice flight charge items will be filled automatically when returning a booking.



Easily access and filter your posted invoices.



Maintenance Board allows up to date status and alerts for your entire fleet at a glance.



Powerful activity tracking feature keeps a record of all dispatch actions and modifications to bookings.

Use the filter to view the complete history of a single booking, show all cancellations sorted by reason, or however else you wish the data displayed.






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