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What is GFO ASTAR ?


Training programs must provide feedback in order to measure success. Students, instructors, and management all need information to make educated decisions. A coordinated training system reduces repetition and increases training efficiency. Aviation Student Tracking Analysis and Reporting, ASTAR, is the ultimate training program facilitator. It allows students, instructors, and management to get effective feed back on performance and compiles student statistics for any training program. ASTAR gives your business the upper hand through the use of computer and mobile device integration.


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ASTAR Features:

  • Track Student Live: Evaluate student while they perform! Real-time data entry using mobile devices.

  • Custom Expert Training Modules: Create your own training modules for any given profession using ASTAR Training Module Versionizer (ATV).

  • Report Generation: Three major reports are generated to increase information flow.

  • Instructor Briefing Report: Summary of student training status complete with log times, exercises and instructor notes.

  • Exercise Analysis Report: Print a graphical analysis of student (or population) performance over time.

  • Post-Session Activity Training Report: Generate a detailed record of training session for student to take home.

  • School Training Analysis: Performance statistics on exercises and assessment criteria.

  • Standardized Training: Using ASTAR helps ensure that all students receive the same training standard regardless of instructor.

  • Training Booklet: Training records can be organized in any fashion, such as to meet government required format. For instance, ASTAR PTR format has been Transport Canada approved for Pilot Training Records.

  • Easy to Use and Integrate: ASTAR is an intuitive system to use. A school can adopt ASTAR without the worry of high staff training costs or the need to change instruction techniques.


ASTAR is a resource for the modern training school that helps you get answers:

What weak spots exist in your training program?
Is your training program effectively achieving results?
Is it easy to spot general trends?
Where can your training program improve?
Can you spot student and instructor strengths and weaknesses?
How are students and instructors performing relative both to each


Customizing ASTAR

Not only does ASTAR come with a government approved Pilot Training Record but any training program can be loaded into the system. Tailor made modules to fit your schools specialized training means ASTAR adapts to your business. ASTAR generates these reports on demand. ASTAR harnesses the power of your office computers to maximize your schools training efficiency. 


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