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GenAv Flight Office Standard Logon Accounts

GFO accounts are divided into 6 categories. Each category offers different functions and security privileges.

Workstation Accounts (for on-site use)

Administers the GFO System. This account allows you to customize GFO according to your school requirements. Example:
- instructor (pilot) and aircraft creation/deletion
- what hours during the day are available for booking
- types of training/flights available 
- equipment/services available
- password management
- your contact coordinates
- statistics reporting
- includes all functions and privileges of Dispatch and may include DISCON privileges (see note 1 below)

ADMIN is also the only account that can generate statistical reports.

The Dispatch account displays the 'Dispatch Console' (DISCON) so that your dispatch person can monitor flight events and issue booking confirmations (if necessary) to requests arriving from the internet. 
Dispatch Console (DISCON) features are:
- a viewing area to monitor flight events and bookings performed over the internet
- confirmation system (applicable if the aircraft and/or instructor has been restricted and the request came through the internet by a student/pilot)
- ability to edit past bookings (flight times etc.)
- issues 'flight sheets' to students/pilots prior to flight

(1)either the ADMIN or DISPATCH account can be setup to be the Dispatch Console. All DISCON privileges has been assigned by default to the ADMIN account. 

Instructor accounts have the following functions and privileges:
- ability to create, edit and delete any bookings
- ability to create, edit and delete student accounts (but can be restricted)
- may view bookings from the past 

MANAGERIAL/STAFF (for non-instructors)
Managerial (or non-instructor staff) accounts are essentially the same as Instructor accounts except they do not appear on the booking sheet. The pre-defined STAFF accounts (STAFF1 and STAFF2) provides an on-site generic logon ID so that it can be used in a common work area for staff personnel. Managerial accounts are created by the Administrator and have the same privileges as instructors except for the additional capability to delete any bookings over the internet (see internet accounts below).

GUEST accounts are for students to view and manage their bookings at your location (on-site). All booking transactions require the user's account and password. Guest accounts do not have the ability to customize the booking sheet (viewing dates and hours). This account are for computers set out in a common area of your business for students to view the booking sheet without giving them the power to make/delete other people bookings.
NOTE: STAFF1/STAFF2 and GUEST accounts may not logon GFO via the internet.

ProBook OnLine Accounts (for internet access)

The below accounts allows students, instructors and managers to access your GFO Scheduling system via the internet (called ProBook OnLine).

MANAGERIAL/STAFF (for Managers and other non-instructor personnel)
View all bookings (including detail information) and make or delete (manager only) any bookings over the internet.

Same as Managerial above except restricted to delete only his/her bookings.

- ability to view and delete their bookings
- ability to place an email alert on a existing (other than their own) booking to alert them (via email) if the time slot has become available (queued onto a waiting list)
- scrolling marquee to advertise or inform customers of special events, prices etc...
- unable to access additional information of other people's bookings (which are 'grayed out')







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