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GFO +Invoicing

Flight Office Invoicing Module provides you and your management team with the tools to track all of your facilitys Accounts and their status. It allows quick access to Revenue Reports and maintains Inventory Controls for your retail Pilot Stores.

  • Generate invoices automatically upon completion of flight events
  • Immediate payment entry & receipt
  • Produce New Invoices in advance
  • Create adjustable hourly rates for aircraft, instructors and other resources
  • Add or Modify item charges to invoices
  • Automated assignment of taxes where applicable
  • Print itemised customer billing with designated invoice number
  • Enter/adjust required tax codes

  • Monitor customer account balances
  • Alerts to low account funds upon booking of flight events
  • Records customer payments and payment methods
  • View Account payments and when they were made

  • Provides inventory registry for your pilot shop, listing part number, supplier, and item cost
  • Generates Revenue Statistics for any time period
  • Produce graphic reports for profitability analysis
  • Data Export Menu enables the transfer of data (invoices, account balances), to your existing accounting package

  • GFO Accounting Integration

    In addition to providing all the FO Invoicing capabilities, Flight Office Accounting Integration synchronises data directly with MYOB, QuickBooks and other 3rd party accounting software packages.

  • Includes all functions of Flight Office (FO) Invoicing
  • Import and link customer entries
  • Post invoices and data directly to your accounting package
  • Eliminates double data entries
  • Connects in real time

  • time and money by organizing your office with FO Invoicing or Accounting Integration.


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