GenAv focuses on system solutions for the General & Commercial Aviation Training industry. A main company goal is to reduce flight instructor and dispatch workloads by using specialised software that is both user friendly and cost effective. Specific tasks such as taking bookings, qualification tracking and recording flight training information for students, can be shifted to computer software programs, providing additional time to instructors for hands on learning for students and for dispatch to attend to customers on site. For large scale facilities and airlines, GenAv offers automated crew scheduling & tracking programs that maintains and alerts to ongoing training requirements and task orientated management.


GenAv Systems Ltd. (formally known as GenAv Flight Training Systems) was created in 1998 by its founder and President, Stephane Way. Having an experienced background in software development and system integration with companies such as IBM Canada Laboratory and Hummingbird Communications, Mr. Way created GenAv Systems with the goal of integrating his love of flying and his professional career.

The first project undertaken was an innovative electronic kneeboard called EFIS 2000. Released as a prototype in 1996 (but never marketed), EFIS 2000 was an integrated flight management and navigation system for general aviation pilots. From this project an opportunity for modernizing training schools surfaced; and, in 1998 development started on a student record & analysis system called ASTAR system. ASTAR, an instructor training aid system, is scheduled to be released in winter 2012.

One of GenAvís current product lines is Flight Office (GFO), a system created for flight schools, academies and clubs. Working with aviation & technology expert Bjorn Olsen, GFO had been under development since fall 1999 and became available for purchase in 2004. In the course of the last several years of development, Flight Office has increased its features and functionality steadily and is successful in providing ongoing, relevant technology to any flight training facility in all areas of the world.

GenAvís product lines have been built to cover all spectrums of the aviation training industry. History will continue to repeat itself with ongoing product updates, innovative feature additions and components designed to exceed industry expectations.

The Future is here

Men on the moon. spacecraft zooming beyond our solar system. Medical operations performed by wire from hundreds of miles away. Yet flight training centers are still using booking and scheduling systems from 20 or even 30 years ago. Not only has GenAv developed intuitive scheduling and tracking software, they are also currently working on a real-time integrated training recording system. By working with and fulfilling customer requirements, GenAv Systems has been successful in creating innovative product lines for both GA businesses and Airlines.

If you have a business need and can't find an off-the-shelf answer send us a Request For Solution and we will explore creating a solution for you. Let GenAv take your business into the 21st Century and beyond !


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